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TDS Return is required to be filed by the assessee who has deducted the TDS. TDS Returns are required to be filed after specified intervals and details to be furnished in these returns include fields like TAN No., TDS Payment, amount deducted, type of payment, PAN No. etc.


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TDS Return Form

Different TDS Forms have been prescribed depending on the purpose of deduction of TDS. The various TDS Forms are as follows:-


Form No. Particulars

Form 24Q Statement for tax deducted at source from salaries

Form 26Q Statement for tax deducted at source on all payments except salaries

Form 27Q Statement for deduction of tax from interest, dividend, or any other sum payable to non-residents

Form 27EQ Statement of collection of tax at source

The quarterly return statements should be accompanied by a signed verification in Form No. 27A. Form 27A is a control chart of quarterly TDS/TCS statements to be filed by deductors/collectors alongwith quarterly statements. It is a summary of TDS/TCS returns which contains control totals of ‘amount paid’ and ‘income tax deducted at source’.


The control totals of ‘amount paid’ and ‘income tax deducted at source’ mentioned on Form No. 27A should match with the corresponding control totals in TDS/TCS return. A separate Form No. 27A is to be filed for each TDS/TCS return.




As per Section 206, the tds forms have to be mandatorily filed in electronic media by the following class of assesses:-


All Corporate Deductors/ Collectors (Notification No. 205/2003 dated 26 August 2003)

All Govt Deductors/Collectors (vide Finance Act 2004)

Where the deductor/Collector is required to get his accounts audited under section 44AB in the immediately preceding financial year

Where the no. of deductees/collectees records in a quarterly statement for one quarter of the immediately preceding financial year is equal to or more than 20 (Notification No. 41/2010 dated 31 May 2010)

All other assesses except those specified above have the option either to furnish the return in physical format or electronic format.




The Due Date for filing TDS Return (both online as well as physical) is as follows:-


Quarter Due Date for Form 24Q & Form 26Q Form 27Q Form 27EQ

April to June 15th July 15th July 15th July

July to Sept 15th Oct 15th Oct 15th Oct

Oct to Dec 15th Jan 15th Jan 15th Jan

Jan to March 15th May 15th May 15th May

NSDL TDS Return Software

TDS Returns which are required to be submitted electronically are prepared with the help of return preparation utility. To facilitate easy preparation of returns, the Govt has also launched a TDS Return Preparation Utility (RPU). This utility can be downloaded free of cost from here.


There are various other 3rd party private return preparation utilities as well through which the TDS Returns can be filed electronically. The list of private return preparation utilities through which the returns can be filed are mentioned in this link. Most of these private utilities are paid utilities as compared to the NSDL Return Preparation Utility which is free.




There are various other softwares as well which have been prepared by private vendors and can be used to file TDS Returns. The list of Software Providers for e-TDS Returns has been given in this link




The returns can be submitted at any of the TIN-FC’s managed by NSDL. Tin FC’s are set up at specified locations across the country.

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