GST – Tax Payment Procedure

*How Tax will be Paid Under GST*img_20160930_192531

*Step-1*: Calculate tax payable in cash

*Step-2*: Generate CPIN number in FORM GST PMT-4 on common portal by entering the detail of amount of Tax (CGST, IGST & SGST), Interest, fees, and Penalty etc payable.
Generated challan shall have 14 digit CPIN number (Common portal identification Number)
This challan shall be valid for 15 days from the date of generation)
Taxpayer can partially fill in the challan form and temporarily “save” the challan for completion at a later stage. A saved challan can be “edited” before finalisation
Challan generated online may not be modified after submission

*Step-3*: Now make payment with reference to above challan (CPIN) by (Net-banking/Card/RTGS/NEFT) or any other mode as specified by Govt.

*Step-4*: After successfully payment of Tax, a CIN (Challan Identification Number – 17 digit — 14CPIN and 3 digit Bank Code) shall be generated, which is actual proof of Tax payment.

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